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We Frequently Offer & Promote Factory Solutions with Certs & Traceability
Some of our main offers are with the following products & their types:
[For the Commercial / Industrial / Military Markets]

* Bridge / Rectifiers [High Current, Power, & Voltage]
* Cans [(Metal) in such packages as TO3's, TO39's, TO5's, TO18's+]
Encapsulating Such Products as OpAmps, Regulators, Power Modules+
* Capacitors [All types, shapes & sizes]
Custom builds for the Drive Industry+ [Servo, AC, DC +]
* Crystals / Oscillators  [Specific Values & Packages always considered]
* Die Builds & Repackaging [ OEM's only Please, Replacement for what exists(ed) or to drawings]
* LED's [ Mostly attending to Custom / Specific, Base Requests]
* Potentiometers [Old drawings, New Ideas +]
***Commitments on the Above Product Lines can be Depended on for Accuracy, Delivery, & Quality. *Bridges / Rectifiers As Well the Cans Listed above, are built here in the USA. With Short lead times.
Please Send Us Your Requirements Below:

Click Here For RFQ

* Programming Components: All types of packages & parts / Please Inquire with Your Specific Details

* Testing: Types: Active, PAL's, Processors +
Functional, XRay, +
In such Packages as BGAs, DIPs, PLCCs,SOICs ++ Again Here Inquire with Your Specific Details