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Benefits of Releasing Built Up Inventory
* Cost Savings FROM all involved procedures to keep it

Including storage management,
Purchasings' time to keep track,
Accountings' position to work on,
as well as ITs' position to create & keep up program(s) that the company will be able to follow it

* if it's older technology from what you are producing now, then it's a burden,
* If it's filling up your component storage area [Warehouse or other location(s)] not being used,
then it's a burden
* if it's taking too much of your personel time
(Purchasing, Materials people +) to keep track,
then it's a burden
* if your company is keeping material that is not or has not been used in a reasonable time,
then it's a burden
* Historical parts not being used any more makes it time to move them out, for the NEW Technology that is on the "drawing board" now

**History is to be used to learn from. For parts that are older & no longer used in production - REMOVE THEM !
Technology, is for future application(s). For parts that are in design now & for the next generation of product(s).

Considerations & Qualifications

For Us to Work on Your Inventory You Need to Indentify What Category it Falls  Into Below?
Your Inventory is ?

Qualified Inventory with Complete Accurate Information / Qty,
Part#, Mfg,  Date Codes, Packaging, Storage conditions

Dated Inventory /  Parts inventory built up from technology & time changes
You have a General idea of details

Dated Inventory / Parts Inventory built up / NO accurate Details 
You have a General idea only

Dated Inventory / NO idea of details / just want the Space Back & not to see it any more
Limited Idea of any & all information , You just want it gone

Suggestions & Procedures (Varied)
What Can You Expect from Offering Us to Work Your Inventory?

Possibly 100% inventory cost returned towards product that still has value on the books

Time is an issue  you just want a fast turn around solution / We can do that for you!

Time is not an issue, you are looking for max return (Consignment &/ or) / We can do that for you!

Time is not an issue (within Reason,) you are looking for a max return with stipulations / We can help here!

Unqualified everything, more than likely requires "Clean Up". What is cost? / We can offer that !

** Contract Agreements
Apply Accordingly With Above Procedures

Contact Us With Your Inventory, Let Us Help You Now !!